Tamoxifen Citrate Tablets – Your Breast Cancer Treatment and Prevention Solution

For over three decades, tamoxifen citrate tablets have been used towards the treatment as well as prevention of breast cancer.  It is widely being used for such because tamoxifen citrate tablets are indeed very effective when it comes to providing treatment as well as protection from this form of cancer.

Breast cancer is basically the development of tumors that are cancerous in nature which originates from within the breast’s tissues or cells.  The condition normally starts from the inside lining of milk ducts.  If the condition is not treated immediately or no preventive treatment has been made, the tumors will begin to spread to other parts, making the cancer more difficult to treat.  Breast cancer when left untreated is fatal.  There are actually different forms of this cancer.  If the cancer started from the ducts, the condition is called ductal carcinoma and is the most common form of breast cancer.  If the condition started from the lobules, then the condition is called lobular carcinoma and is rare to occur.  Upon consulting a medical professional, the doctor will likely prescribe the patient with tamoxifen citrate tablets to help treat or prevent the further development of the cancer.  Tamoxifen citrate tablets preventive treatment is particularly advised to patients with high risks of developing the cancer.

If you are interested in knowing why doctors prescribe tamoxifen citrate tablets to their patients with breast cancer or those who have high risk of developing it, the reason is simple:  Tamoxifen citrate tablets have been particularly engineered to help treat and prevent cancer of the breast by blocking the estrogen hormone from binding with the estrogen receptors.  Once the drug metabolizes within the system, it binds itself with the estrogen receptor to prevent the estrogen from binding with the said receptors.  Since breast cancer requires estrogen for growth and survival, the limiting of the levels of estrogen actually helps in treating the cancer.

Tamoxifen citrate tablets have been around for more than three decades and they are considered to be the first form of selective estrogen receptor modulator (SERM) approved by the American FDA in treating or preventing the development of cancer of the breast.  If you have been prescribed with tamoxifen citrate tablets, it is important that you take them diligently so as to the growth or further growth of cancerous tumors within your breast cells or tissues that is being cause by your estrogen hormone.  When it comes to the treatment of breast cancer, it is important that you take your tamoxifen citrate tablets religiously and never falter taking them.

Citrate tablets are derived from citric acid.  These are normally salts, esters, and polyatomic anions that are found in a solution.  The benefit of having citrate in a medication like tamoxifen citrate tablets is that upon metabolizing the drug, citrate tablets have the capacity to be transported from the mitochondria into the cytoplasm and then further broken down for fatty acid synthesis.  The citrate formulation in a citrate tablet is a positive modulator and regulates enzymes for conversion.  Basically, the reason why citrate tablets formulation are being used in medications is to allow effective transport and modulation.

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