Spa Massage Alliance Works to Unite Professionals

In an effort to unite the spa industry, the SpaMassage Alliance now offers the A.C.T. Program. The program addresses issues from three perspectives of the spa industry — spa owner, spa therapist and spa massage educator — to present balanced and workable solutions to challenges faced by these professionals. It examines the qualities of a positive, progressive working environment, the necessity of thorough and relevant training and the need for industry standards within the spa/massage discipline.

The first phase of the A.C.T. Program is to create awareness between spa directors, educators and therapists. This includes awareness of the workplace realities faced by spa owners and their spa therapists, and sharing what is found in the schools that educate spa therapists.

The second phase of A.C.T. involves networking between these specific sectors. Leaders in the respective industries will work together to develop standards and materials for cross-education that can be used by all members of the SpaMassage Alliance.

The third phase of A.C.T. is transformation. This involves both a change in the way business is conducted on a daily basis. It involves a change in the way educators present the spa world to their students, the way therapists contribute to their spa workplace and the manner in which spa directors work with their therapists.

Using Massage Magazine, along with print advertising, posters, a website, brochures and other mediums, the A.C.T. Program will serve to strengthen the working relationship of current spa/massage professionals, and lay the groundwork for tomorrow’s leaders in more than 600 of North America’s massage schools.

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