Is Vardenafil HCl Safe?

It cannot be denied that vardenafil HCl is the most effective erectile dysfunction (ED) medication there is to date.  In fact, it even beats Viagra, the pioneer when it comes to ED medications.  According to surveys done, Viagra only has an efficacy of 84% in treating male impotence whereas vardenafil HCl has 86%.  That additional 2% is actually a big difference because it at least reassures you of getting the erection you need that no other ED drugs can.  Nevertheless, the one thing that pops up to the mind of people who have not used vardenafil HCl as of yet is, “is it safe?”

Vardenafil HCl is belongs to a group of drugs called PDE5 inhibitors.  This is the same group where Viagra belongs to.  To date, there are actually four drugs that belong or are classified as PDE5 inhibitors – Viagra (sildenafil), tadalafil, avanafil, and vardenafil HCl.  The main reason why these four drugs are classified under one group is because they have the same course of action – the relaxation of a particular blood vessel so blood can be pumped through so an erection can occur.  Despite having the same course of action though, each drug is made of a different active ingredient which is identified by their generic name.  Due to this reason, even if PDE5 inhibitor drugs share the same potential side effects, the variance in active ingredients actually makes a big difference in the side effects the produce, which in this case, vardenafil HCl exhibits the least reported side effects, according to clinical studies.

What are the advantages of taking vardenafil HCl?

Many people who have taken vardenafil HCl take the drug in high regard because they find it to be very effective.  However, the one true thing that sets vardenafil HCl apart from other ED drugs is its onset of action.  For most ED medications, you need to take it at least an hour prior to the actual sexual intercourse itself.  This type of time needed is only useful for scheduled copulation and not for impulsive or progressive type of sexual intercourse.  The onset of action for vardenafil HCl is only 20 minutes and people even claim they can already feel erectile response in lesser time than that.  This means that if a couple suddenly decides to have sex, they do not need to wait an hour to ensure the penis gets erect as surely the urge would have already passed by then.  With vardenafil HCl, they can use the 20-minutes time for a long passionate foreplay before the drug takes effect.

If you ask, why not use the 1 hour for foreplay?  The truth is, an hour long of foreplay may only be seen in the movies as a sort of enticement for the people watching the film.  It does not happen in real life, or it hardly ever happens.  If you still find this advantage of vardenafil HCl unacceptable, ask yourself this, “when was the last time you had an hour long of foreplay without the main course itself?”

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