Generic Tadalafil — The ED Treatment You Can Rely On

Impotence is practically a nightmare for any man, particularly if he is sexually active.  Such incapacity to achieve an erection or sustain it makes it impossible for him to have a successful sexual intercourse as an erection is necessary to permit vaginal penetration.  For those who had erectile dysfunction (ED) prior to the discovery of PDE5 inhibitor drugs, they either had to accept it or rely on other ways or methods to be able to satisfy both themselves and their sexual partners.  However, for those who have ED in this new millennia, they can be considered somewhat fortunate because they have a treatment they can use, such as generic tadalafil, to temporarily alleviate themselves of the ED condition that they have and successfully have sexual intercourse.

The thing about sex is that it is very important for couples as well as lovers because it is one of the true ways they can share their intimacy with others.  Additionally, when the urge comes, it is very important that the partner is able to perform and fulfill the urge.  The truth is there have been many cases where couples and lovers went their separate ways due to sexual matters.  Actually, satisfaction is a very important ground for sex.  This means if a man cannot have an erection, he is not capable of satisfying his partner.  If you are suffering from penile impotence, then generic tadalafil is the ED treatment you can truly rely on.  Not only is generic tadalafil very effective in treating ED condition, but it also has a long effective duration which means your sexual performance is not limited to the short timeline that other ED medications have.

The one thing that makes generic tadalafil popular amongst couples is its 36 hours of effective period.  Keep in mind that if you can only take one medication of ED per day and its effective period lasts only 4-8 hours like other ED drugs do, it means that you cannot have another round of lovemaking past that period and will have to await another day to take in another ED treatment drug.  However, with generic tadalafil, its effective duration lasts a day and a half, thus allowing couples to have as many rounds of lovemaking they can within its effective period.  In addition to this, despite its effect length lasting for more than a day, the limit to taking tadalafil is also once per day.  This means you can take in another dose of generic tadalafil even if you still have erectile response from your last dosage.  This 36-hours of effective duration is the main reason why some couple have nicknamed the drug as the “weekend pill” because it provides the man with enough erectile prowess to last them the weekend using just one pill.

The 36 hours of the drug’s effective period is actually only one of the properties that make generic tadalafil very popular among men with ED.  Other beneficial characteristic of generic tadalafil includes high rate of efficacy in treating erectile dysfunction, and the shortest onset of action to feel erectile response.

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